It all started way back in a land far far away.... Illinois. At age 12 I found myself being pushed into working at my fathers new sign company. He had worked for a bit for my great uncle at a company that handled billboards back when he was going through college, and after being part of the bad side of a corporate take over, my father decided to jump back into the sign business.

It took me no time at all to discover I had a passion for making and creating signs, logos, banners, graphics, ANYTHING! I knew at an early age that I wanted to be a commercial artist.

After starting out at my fathers company, I moved into an apprenticeship with John Morley in my home town of Dixon, Illinois while taking my college courses. After many years of studying the old ways, working to figure out how to incorporate the new technologies in the sign industry into my clients projects- -- I decided to pack up my truck and head to the Sunshine State. Just months after arriving in Cocoa Beach, Florida I found myself working with Kennedy Space Center on various projects. This was a big deal for a guy that came from the cornfields and cow pastures of the Midwest! How lucky was that!?!?

Now many years later I have literally Tens of thousands of client projects under my belt. Making and designing everything from business cards to billboards.

With over 35 years in the sign industry, I still love what I do!

Michael Manderscheid - Owner/Operator of Bluetail