Plan Room/Cloud (PlanWell Enterprise)

An integrated cloud based Plan Room that combines the services of Blue Digital with convenient cloud based tools; for organizing, tracking and distribution of project documents.

  • Manages and tracks the users of your project plans and specs
  • Allows users to order hard copy or digital files and arrange their delivery
  • Compiles a historical record and archives your plans and specs as documents are added to the plan room

As new drawings are issued or existing drawings are changed, we post the prints or files to the site in their appropriate directories - the moment they are posted, they are available for viewing and ordering over the Web. Files are never overwritten without the content provider’s explicit instructions. As changes are made, you can set up a notification window to notify designated users of important project changes, job information or additions to the plan room upon logging into the plan room.

  • Efficient and cost effective model
  • Expedites the bidding process
  • Global on-demand access of plans & specs
  • Safe and secure web portal
  • Online tracking of plan holders
  • Online ordering
  • Project reports

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